Working with couples preparing for marriage is a delightful aspect of our varied mission and ministry at the Hillsdale United Methodist Church. Our entire staff - Pastor, Wedding Coordinator, Organist and Custodian - is available to help your wedding be warm and meaningful. Since forms and styles may vary, our Pastor works with each couple in planning a wedding which meets their needs.


The first step is for you to call the church office to clear your wedding date and time on the church calendar. The next step is to contact the Wedding Coordinator; at this time your questions can be answered as to the use of the facilities, the fees involved, as well as requesting a Wedding Brochure. To reserve your wedding date a $250.00 deposit is required. If the wedding is canceled, all but $100.00 of the deposit will be refunded. A Wedding Information Sheet” will be completed, with the Wedding Coordinator. Please note that there are no weddings scheduled on Sundays.


The Pastor does not need to officiate the ceremony; you may use your own minister. Please keep in mind that our pastor does not attend the rehearsal. Our Pastor will confer with the bride and groom to set a date and time for your pre-wedding conferences. In these conferences, there will be an opportunity to get acquainted and to discuss the plans for your wedding. Normally there are at least two sessions.


We have Church Organists available to play for most weddings. We use our own Organists for every wedding since they are most familiar with the instrument. Our Organists are qualified to give you expert guidance in the choice of organ music for the organ prelude, processional and recessional. If you have requests, they will try to honor them. They do not usually attend the rehearsal, but if available will do so at your request for an additional fee. Please talk to the Wedding Coordinator about the current fee.


Please keep in mind the Wedding Coordinator is your primary contact; she will direct the wedding rehearsal and see that everything goes smoothly on the wedding day. You may consult her on any of the varied details of planning your wedding at the church. Your wedding rehearsal will be run by the Wedding Coordinator with the maximum of one hour; if the rehearsal exceeds this an hourly charge of $50.00 will apply. The bride and groom may discuss any questions and/or suggestions they may have about their wedding in advance with her in advance of the rehearsal, to save time. Please be sure that everyone in your wedding party understands the importance of being on time for both the rehearsal and the wedding. Please give your marriage license to the Wedding Coordinator at the rehearsal so that the certificate can be completed and ready for you following the wedding.


Non-Member fee: $1,250.00
Member Fee (Bridal Party of 14+): $900.00
Member Fee (Bridal Party up to 14):$500.00

These fees include use of the sanctuary, custodial services, marriage planning sessions, rehearsal, Minister’s honorarium, Organist, Wedding Coordinator, and Custodian. Any questions on these fees may be discussed in consultation with the Wedding Coordinator.


We hope that you will enjoy our church as much as our Congregation does. In order to keep our church as beautiful as it is, it is necessary for us to set some guidelines; which you have read throughout this brochure. Therefore, a custodial/property deposit of $250.00 is required. It will be collected with the Information Sheet, and wedding deposit. This deposit is used if additional clean-up is needed, church property is destroyed in any way, or church in any way is not left the way in which it was found. The deposit is refundable AFTER the wedding day.


An initial deposit of $250.00 is required to “hold the date.” This $250.00 deposit is deducted from the final payment. Payment of the remaining fee must be mailed one month prior to the wedding.Mail your check payable to Hillsdale United Methodist Church with “Wedding” in the memo section to:

Hillsdale United Methodist Church
Attn: Michelle Domenici-Piña
303 West 36th Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94403